Swimming Pools Relining

The swimming pool in your backyard could be a lovely 15 footer above ground or an exclusively designed in ground beauty. You could be using it as an exercise inducer, play area or simply a soothing surface to float on and absorb some vitamin D. Whatever it’s style and purpose, pools are always nice to look at. However, when they are neglected and not well maintained, it emits an air of sadness stronger than any other neglected landscaping feature. If your pool is rundown, it is best you avoid it rather than dip in.

Come to Cape Town Pools for a solution to rejuvenate your pool. The best and simplest solution for a fresh look is to just replace the lining of your pool. For a concrete in ground pool, you would want to perk up the tiredness with a resurfacing option. The relining services offered by Cape Town Pools are very cost effective and are great for increasing the value of your home. We can customize the relining solutions selected by you to fit the shape and size of your pool, hence making it perfect for spaces that are complicated. Whether you want to build a new pool, renovate a leak, paint your pool or reline it, Cape Town Pools has just the solution for you. Our relining options are available in many different designs and colours to match with the rest of your backyard.

Trustworthy Swimming Pool Relining services offered by Cape Town Pool


Fiberglass is a flexible material and it very well resists shifts in the ground, hence making it a very common choice for resurfacing. Our well trained staff at Cape Town Pools will do a good job in relining your pool. Due to popular demand, mentioned below is the entire process of how fiberglass lining is done.


For in ground concrete pools, plaster is also a common and economical option for swimming pool relining Cape Town. Experienced professionals from Cape Town Pools will sandblast or chip the plaster out, after which the original concrete shell remains. A bond coat is then applied along with one or two new plaster coats in a colour of your choice.
Plaster is a material that tends to encounter a reaction with pool water over a long period of time and therefore, more chemicals would be required to maintain appropriate chemistry in the water. For better maintenance of this issue, staff at Cape Town Pools often advice to add a filler to the mix.

Quartz and pebbles are most commonly used materials which produce a better result when mixed together for a durable surface and clean, sparkling water. Pebble plaster is a more expensive option but provides a more striking look along with a smooth, yet rock like texture underneath your feet. Furthermore, pebble blends are more resistant to chemicals and stains.

Other Options

After having a look at your swimming pool, if our staff at Cape Town Pools thinks your swimming pool is not in a very bad shape, we keep the clients best interest in mind and advice them to simply give it a fresh coat of paint rather than relining or resurfacing it. The old paint can be worn off by water-blasting it and then a new coat of paint can be sprayed on.
Another option to re-life your pool is by putting in a new set of tiles. In this procedure, a scratch coat is applied, the tiles are then laid out and grout is applied in between to keep the tiles together. While tiling is an expensive option, the results are quite elegant.

Cape Town Pools is amongst the leading swimming pool companies in Cape Town, South Africa. The swimming pool relining South Africa materials we use are of highest quality and are well reputed all across Europe. Our onsite relining services offer maximum durability, easy maintenance and can last for about 15-20 years.

A popular and affordable swimming pool relining option

Just when summer is around the corner we visit our backyards to take a look at the status of our swimming pools. That’s when we realize that our pools need a facelift. Many of our clients opt for a fiberglass lining as it is a very affordable option for most. With a fiberglass swimming pool relining Cape Town, the risk of bacteria building up is much less, hygiene and cleanliness is easy to maintain. Furthermore, the finish of a fiberglass is very smooth; it is very durable and does not have leakages.

Before applying fiberglass onto an existing swimming pool structure, our expert staff at Cape Town Pools makes sure the structure of the pool is strong enough. If the structure is inadequate, the renovation done will not last very long. The fiberglass relining is applied by using resin to first wet the pool surface and then the fiberglass is applied. More resin is then applied to the front in order to properly secure the fiberglass to the surface of the pool. After all the air is removed from the laminate, a final coating is done using a white or pool blue pool coat. A tissue is then applied above this pool coat for a final touch up.

Relining swimming pool Cape Town services from Cape Town Pools gives your swimming pool a brand new look in an instant, at just a fraction of the cost of a new pool while also lasting a lifetime. When it comes to swimming pools relining South Africa, Cape Town Pools approaches each and every project with utmost confidence. Our experience has given us an in-depth knowledge of the required materials for swimming pool relining and hence we are able to pass on our knowledge to our clients in the form of building them a long lasting relining or resurfacing for their pools.

Benefits of Swimming Pools Relining

Fixes Any Pool Problem By giving your pool a resurface or a reline, you can fix any issues such as leaks, rust and osmosis. The professionals you hire will apply a shell above the existing and degraded pool finish. Furthermore, mouldy and damaged pool surfaces can be coated, giving tired looking pools a rejuvenated look.

Surprising Strength If you opt for a strong relining technique such as fiberglass, its high tensile strength will hold the pool she’ll strongly and will take into account earth movements without any cracks.

Smooth Finish When using materials such as fiberglass for your swimming pool relining Cape Town, the finishing of the pool results in a smooth and beautiful texture. In addition to that, the surface of the pool looks colourful and vibrant.

Lower Maintenance With regular pool relining, not only does your pool look clean and new all the time but maintenance is also easy. The smooth surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains, discolouring and algae.

Low Chemical Usage Once again fiberglass relining shows its benefits in terms of the fact that is does not absorb chemicals from the pool water. Hence the amount of chemicals used to maintain the water chemistry is much less, resulting in lower running costs.

Speed of Resurfacing Usually the resurfacing process is much faster than constructing an entirely new swimming pool. Materials such as fiberglass relining can be completed within a span of just four days. While the time taken for relining swimming pool Cape Town is less, the mess associated is also much less as professionals often have the necessary equipment required on

Other benefits

  • No algae collection
  • Repainting not required
  • Vulnerability to degradation is much less
  • Restricts the visibility of permanent stains caused due to past wear and tear

The consultancy services offered by Cape Town Pools for lining replacement includes a visit to your swimming pool, along with advice and solutions to pool owners regarding suitable relining options. Additionally, our experts also advice on how the old lining can be cleaned up and provide possible reasons as to why the existing lining is damaged. In the process, staff at Cape Town Pools also informs pool owners regarding water treatment options and how they can deal with the maintenance for their existing pool.