Swimming Pool Prices

Swimming Pool Prices and Quotes in Cape Town

Just when the summer months are around the corner, you are planning picnics and other leisure activities to enjoy your holidays. In the process, you may have decided to invest in a swimming pool this summer and are looking around for an affordable quotation. With a swimming pool in your backyard, not only is it a lot of fun, but you get to spend quality time with your family.

Cape Town Pools offers unbeatable swimming pool prices

When purchasing/building a new swimming pool, you have two choices: in ground and above ground. These two options vary in quite a few ways, resulting in differences in the benefits that they have to offer. While above ground pools are relatively inexpensive, they are also portable and can be installed fast and easily. An above ground pool is yours the minute you pay for it because installation is so simple that you can do it by yourself. Furthermore, you can place the pool anywhere you want and move it around according to your convenience.

In ground swimming pools are more of a long term investment and are much costlier compared to above ground pools. However, this permanent investment has its benefits of durability and unmatched pleasure after the pool is complete. You can build it in any shape you want, add highlighted features and increase the value of your property by making your backyard look exclusive.

While there are many factors that depend on the pricing of your new swimming pool, Cape Town Pools will give you the best price after taking into consideration all the required factors. After visiting your premises, we will assist you with various size and design options, along with swimming pool prices Cape Town for each option.

Obtain a personalized quote from Cape Town Pools based on the following criteria:

While the construction costs of swimming pools are quite consistent, what makes them differ is the extent of personalization required to increase the visual appeal of the pool. Based on the opinions of your family members and the lifestyle you are living, you can decide what options you want and whether or not it will fit within your budget. Here are a few basic factors that create a difference in swimming pool Cape Town prices.

1. Size: although the trend nowadays is to have smaller, cosy pools, a larger site will demand a bigger pool. A standard pool size would be something like 20×30 feet in a rectangular shape and about 600 square feet in surface area. This size can be changed into any shape required without much alteration in cost, but if the size is bigger or smaller, there will be a significant change in cost.

2. Depth: depends on the average climate in your area. For extreme heat, pools are usually deeper to ensure that the temperature of water remains cool. In proportion to the depth, the cost will increase as more plastering, tiling and labour will be required. Some clients choose to keep the depth shallow while using water coolers to maintain a cool temperature. However, this does not alter the cost much because during winters, powerful heaters are needed to maintain a warm water temperature.

3. Plaster: while white was the most commonly used colour, darker interior finishes became more popular with naturalistic pool designs. Today, plaster colours such as blues are more common, but are more expensive than white plastering. Lately, pebbletech is a new material used for plastering which is quite costly but is not vulnerable to stains and algae.

4. Waterline Tiling: if you go for any kind of ceramic tiling for your swimming pool waterline, it will cost you almost the same. Glass tiles are a premier option which costs more because its installation requires special grouting to make sure they remain resistant to freeze-thaw issues.

5. Lighting: LED lighting has now taken over the old fashioned incandescent lights for swimming pools. Although these lights cost more, they have more options such as a variety of colours, spotlights to highlight a waterfall for example, and the feature of integrating fibre optic lights.

6. Additional luxuries such as water features, spas, rocks, slides, raised bond beams and artificial beaches can be included in your pool prices Cape Town but these will considerably increase your overall budget.

Cape Town Pools has been in the industry for several years and is able to use the experience of its team to make sure every client is given top notch service quality that is unmatched by any competitor. Along with your swimming pool Cape Town prices, our representatives will guide you on the delivery and installation of the pool as well as how you should be maintaining it in the future. All clients are guaranteed with complete pool solutions.