Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Ideas

Investing in a swimming pool is a big idea; not just in terms of the investment cost, but in terms of its literal size as well because it takes up a major portion of your backyard; the bigger your pool, the higher the investment, and more the maintenance.

Therefore, before you begin with the design of your swimming pool it is crucial that you make up your mind about what you require and what is not a necessity in your swimming pool. Making alterations once the plan is in place is difficult and expensive. Hence, careful thinking is required in order to avoid regrets. Include ideas and opinions from your family members who will also be using the pool and get swimming pool ideas Cape Town from them. In addition to their personal opinions, they may come up with a design idea that you never thought of before.

At Cape Town Pools, our focus on innovation is applied to every project we undertake and every time, we try to raise the bar in terms of quality and creativity in order to satisfy our customers to the maximum. Thus, clients are made to feel better about their standard of living with a swimming pool in their backyard. Our product designs, along with the premier technology we use to combine water, warmth and air, provide an extraordinary atmosphere to rejuvenate one’s mind and body.

Cape Town Pools advice clients to do their research first

Here is a checklist of things that Cape Town Pools advices their clients to go through before coming to us to discuss the needs of their swimming pool design.

1. Talk to people who already own a pool and ask them

  • What they like and don’t like about their pool?
  • What they would change about it?
  • How long it took them to complete the construction process?
  • Did they come across any unforeseen challenges with regard to construction and costs?

2. Go through photos from the internet and magazines and make a collection of those that were appealing to you.

3. From that portfolio, note down every catchy element of each pool design. For example, in one photo you may find the shape of the pool appealing to you while in the other photo you might like the aesthetic design. By doing so, you will be able put together these ideas into one to create your own unique swimming pool design ideas Cape Town.

4. Do a hose layout within your garden to get a feel of how big your pool can be. Drag your garden hose and lay it in the area where your pool will be. Create different shapes and sizes to get a close-to-reality visual placement of your pool.

Completing the above activities before beginning your swimming pool design Cape Town makes the design process much easier for you as well as for us. However, if you fail to do so, our friendly staff at Cape Town Pools will advice you on what issues you might want to think about before the implementation of your swimming pool design. Discuss these things in detail and feel free to clarify any doubts before you begin constructing your swimming pool. Cape Town Pools will try our best to deliver the best possible swimming pool design that you had dreamed of.

Creative swimming pool design ideas by Cape Town Pools

Owning a swimming pool within your home premises is like a dream come true for most of us. Therefore, when designing pools for our clients, we aim to satisfy every need of the client.

Our skilled team of design professionals make sure the space available is used well and try to use most of the area for swimming, while minimizing the area used for the finishing touches. However, the designers complete the pool design in a tactful way to make sure that this compromise is not noticed when you see the finished product.

Depending on the client’s needs, if the pool is needed for fitness and training, we will grab most of its length for the actual swimming area to provide long, uninterrupted swimming distances. If the pool is going to be used for recreational activities, a more round or square shape would be ideal instead of the narrow length. With unique swimming pool shapes, you can make space for a separate sitting area, an area to play, an area for a Jacuzzi, and so on. The depth of the pool should also be kept in mind depending on whether you will be diving into the pool or you want it just shallow enough to stand and play games with your family. The best design would include a pool that gets deeper from one end so that both needs are catered to.

While keeping creativity in mind, designers at Cape Town Pools also ensure safety by including a proper system for draining out excess water around the edges of the pool. This ensures that the edges are kept dry and no one slips with their wet feet. The water draining system also ensures that water is not wasted unnecessarily.

Finally, after keeping all these factors in mind, Cape Town Pools designers have to make sure the finished product looks good. For this they have to add in the aesthetics to make the swimming pool look appealing. The attractiveness of your swimming pool depends on the material you use to construct it as well as the other cosmetic touch ups such as tiling and the unique shape of your pool. Our designers will promise to guide you through the best finishing touch up options because according to them, it provides the icing on the cake to make your home look like a stunning holiday villa.

Cape Town Pools recognizes the importance of swimming pool design and gives in careful thought and consideration with our swimming pool designs South Africa. We are aware of the big money that clients spend on this investment and we aim at giving them an end product which they can make the most of.

Swimming Pool Design Process used by Cape Town Pools

1. Choosing the shape for your pool: it could be Grecian, oval, round, roman, L-shaped, kidney shaped, 8 shaped or a customized design to fit the client’s requirements.

2. Select the technology that will be incorporated in the functioning of your pool. Options are most often as follows: energy efficiency, automation and salt generator.

3. Selection of aesthetic enhancements to beautify your pool. Some options provided by Cape Town Pools are: waterfall, deck jets, laminar jets, fountain bubblers, fire pit, fireplace, waterslide, vanishing edge and coloured lights.

4. Choose what decking you want. It could be stone, poured concrete, decorative concrete or pavers.

After having completed thousands of pool constructions for satisfied clients according to the above swimming pool design process, we urge you to build your dream swimming pool with Cape Town Pools as no other place will give you great value at affordable rates.

Talk with our expert to customize a pool design for you

Fix an appointment with expert staff at Cape Town Pools to discuss your swimming pool requirements. As mentioned before, having a concrete idea in advance about your swimming pool requirements is very important. Whether you want a big pool or a small one, whether it is for fitness and training or for recreation purposes; just let out your ideas and concerns to our designers. After taking all your considerations into account, experienced staff from Cape Town Pools will visit your site and advice you of a suitable design layout for your swimming pool. Our experienced team of swimming pool designers have built a variety of swimming pool designs and have successfully solved any unforeseen problems that have aroused to present the promised design and quality of swimming pool to our clients.