Natural Rock Swimming Pools

Natural Rock Swimming Pools

The authentic term rock pool refers to a pool of water amongst rocks and is seen on the sea shore, often as a leftovers of marine habitat. We try to imitate these rock pools when designing our own swimming pools to give it a more natural look. A natural rock swimming pool is basically an in ground swimming pool with added natural features such as stone boulders and waterfalls.

Designs for modern swimming pools are now moving towards natural scenery such as the rock pool. For this natural finish, Cape Town Pools use natural or man-made rocks to create the effect of a water slide, cave, swim up bars and waterfalls. These dramatic rock and water creations, when combined with luscious landscaping by Cape Town Pools present an exotic surrounding in your backyard. You can transform your backyard into more of a water park with the slides created by large rocks put together. Our expert team of designers can also create a beautiful looking waterfall with an exciting cave for kids to play in. The options available for natural rock swimming pools Cape Town end only when your imagination stops. In other words, Cape Town Pools can design your rock pool in any way you desire.

Why invest in a natural rock swimming pool?

Cape Town Pools can help you build your dream pool or transform your existing one into an attractive one. A natural rock pool requires a little extra space to accommodate the plants and rocks but once you see the finished product, you will realise the increment in the value of your home and how the beauty of your garden has enhanced.

A conventional swimming pool would not be able to present the natural look derived from a rock pool. With a natural rock pool you can have rocky edges all around that you can swim up to and lean against for relaxation. An added benefit is that with rocks and the dark coloured pool liner, the water remains warmer than other conventional swimming pools so the energy required with a water heater is much less. If you have a waterfall in your design, the sound of water falling in your backyard all day and night is very soothing to your mind. A natural rock pool designed by Cape Town Pools will give you more than just the basic swimming advantages. It will be a pleasure to look at, enhance the beauty of your garden and attract a lot of visitors!

After Cape Town Pools has completely built the natural rock pool in your backyard, you will have the luxury of a private retreat where you can often escape to in search for relaxation and de-stressing from your tiring and hectic lifestyle. While some of our customers have requested for rock pools with waterfalls, some prefer the beach style rock pools. Our expert staffs will intelligently the landscaping of your natural rock swimming pool South Africa while keeping in mind the continuity within your outdoor area. Extra imagination and a bit or artistic flair from our expert designers will result in an exclusive natural rock swimming pool for your home!

How  Cape Town Pools constructs natural rock pools at a reasonable price?

Are you thinking of building natural stone swimming pools Cape Town but are worried about how much it will cost you and what would be the water and energy requirements for its maintenance? Cape Town Pools is at your service for coming up with a unique design to fit every budget.

A representative from our staff will visit your pool site and check if you have the required area to construct a natural rock swimming pool in Cape Town. We will then discuss with the client as to what their unique requirements are, what price ranges they are looking at for their investment, and what finish they want with the end result of the rock pool. Once the quotation is accepted by the client, we will begin our services of site excavation and pool installation. We guarantee a professional service and promise to complete the project within the stated time frame and at a standard that is way above the expectations of our clients.