Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Swimming Pools in Cape Town

It is now your turn to experience enjoyment, relaxation and an unlimited number of recreation hours that are part and parcel of owning a fiberglass pool. Not only does this investment give your more leisure time within the comfort of your own home, but it also tremendously adds to the value of your property. You will be the envy of your neighbours with a uniquely styled and brilliantly coloured fiberglass swimming pool in your backyard. Come visit Cape Town Pools for your fiberglass swimming pool South Africa needs and we will guarantee a state-of-the-art pool with a lasting beauty, easy maintenance and a lifetime warranty, all at extremely affordable prices.

Fiberglass is manufactured by interlacing tiny threads of glass into a fabric which is then hardened with the help of a special polyester resin. A weather resistant gel is added to the material to give it a smooth finish.

Installation process

  1. With the hand lamination manufacturing process, we assure that the thickness of the glass is consistent throughout.
  2. A thin fiberglass tissue layer is used under the smooth, gel surface to ensure waterproofing and also to eliminate the probability of osmosis occurring.
  3. Because we use long fibers in the fiberglass roll, we can guarantee that the pool will hold 10-70 thousand tons of water.
  4. To make the shell of the pool extremely rigid, we use a product known as coremat between the layers of fiberglass. This provides added support when installing the outer ribs of the pool.
  5. When applying the fiberglass sheets to the mould, there can be overlaps of the sheets. At those points, the pool has double thickness, hence building a surrounding rib like system to add to the overall strength of the pool.
  6. On the exterior of the shell, a reinforcing beam is laminated only in the top part of the pool to make transportation easier and to help tie the concrete ring beam during installation of fiberglass pools Cape Town.

Overall, the installation process implemented by Cape Town Pools is of highest quality standards. Our team of professionals have years of experience under their hats to be able to provide a solution to almost any unforeseen challenge.

Why choose us to supply Fibreglass swimming pools in Cape Town?

  • The popularity of fiberglass pools are mostly due to the fact that they can be heated to make swimming more comfortable during the extreme winters, and cooled for comfortable swimming during extreme summers.
  • The fiber optic lights that can be installed to allow for night swimming.
  • Because these fiberglass swimming pools Cape Town are moulded into your backyard in just one piece, they can be made in any shape or size; it does not have to be a standard rectangular measurement.
  • The non-abrasive surface means that there are absolutely no sharp and dangerous edges. As a result, there is lesser wear and tear for pool cleaners to take care of.
  • The material – fiberglass, is strong, yet lightweight.
  • The smoothness of the material gives fiberglass pools Cape Town a higher resistance to the formation of algae and can also better maintain stable pH levels.
  • Fiberglass pools can be installed within one to three days and you can have your pool ready to use in no time. The installation duration varies depending on the length of the electrical work and the time taken to excavate the pool site.
  • Although the initial investment for a fiberglass swimming pool South Africa may be more than an ordinary concrete pool, the maintenance is much less because fiberglass pools do not require regular re-plastering of the surface or replacement of liners.

If you are residing in Cape Town, South Africa and are looking to invest in a fiberglass swimming pool to elaborate your backyard, then Cape Town Pools is the place you should visit. Having made the decision of such a heavy investment, you have to be assured of making the right choice. With our service, you will have no regrets. All you have to do is have faith in us to provide an excellent service from design to installation (and everything in between) for your fiberglass swimming pool Cape Town.