Concrete or Gunite Swimming Pools

oncrete or Gunite Swimming Pools in Cape Town

The two main categories that swimming pools can be divided into are in ground and above ground. For the construction of in ground pools, materials such as concrete, fiberglass and vinyl are used.

Concrete Swimming Pools Cape Town

When it comes to concrete, there are different formulas that engineers design in the formation of the actual mix used for swimming pool construction. In this concrete formula, there are four basic types of materials used: cement, water, aggregate and other required chemicals. The formula is created based on the type of application required and the finishing performance needed by the concrete.

For constructing well designed swimming pools, two main performance criteria have to be kept in mind regarding concrete: strength and tightness of water. At Cape Town Pools, our team of expert designers are certified to well understand the structure related matters in designing a concrete formula that will produce a strong and watertight swimming pool.

Concrete pools have the bonus of endless possibilities when it comes to shape, design and finish of your concrete swimming pool construction Cape Town. In addition to the unique design, you can include features such as wet edges and LED lighting to your swimming pool. Furthermore, concrete pools boast a longer life expectancy and complete elimination of wear and tear such as rust, rot or blister.

So if you are interested in highlighting your backyard with an original, strong, durable, colourful and one of a kind concrete swimming pool South Africa, Cape Town Pools is the place to visit.

Gunite Swimming Pools Cape Town

Gunite is a type of concrete used for constructing the walls and floor of a swimming pool. When actual concrete is sprayed on with a dry mix instead of a wet mix, the end product is referred to as gunite. It is possible to shape a gunite pool to fit any sort of pool basin. Hence, when an extremely customized job is required, gunite is the best material to use. A variety of designs, including waterfalls and custom steps can be created with this material and that is why many gunite swimming pool construction South Africa prefer to use gunite.

The durability of the material gunite makes the swimming pool long lasting. Its versatility also proves the ability to produce an innumerable range of pool shapes. In addition to a unique shape, your gunite pool can be finished up with a variety of options that match the rest of your backyard. Colorful plaster finishes, pebbles, and glass are a few options to add a touch of elegance and class to your gunite swimming pool construction in Cape Town.

Cape Town Pools are well experienced in constructing and installing state of the art gunite pools that have resulted in several hundreds of satisfied clients.

Difference between Concrete and Gunite swimming pools

The easiest way to differentiate between gunite and concrete swimming pools is to notice at what stage the water is added to the formula.

With gunite, the pool shell is formed by using high velocity and pressure for spraying a dry cement mixture. This mixture has water manually added to it by an operator from one of the nozzle ends.

With concrete, the shell of the pool is formed by spraying a readymade mixture of cement and water at a high velocity and pressure. This mixture is prepared by the manufacturer of cement.

If you are looking for a company to construct an in ground swimming pool for you, Cape Town Pools will do a professional job for you with detailed building terms and a precise timetable for construction in order to make sure that your pool is ready to use when you need it.

The construction process

Whether you choose a guniteĀ or a concrete pool, the construction process of both is very similar, with one prominent difference of the stage at which concrete is sprayed. Here is the general procedure for both gunite and concrete swimming pool construction in South Africa.

In the area of Cape Town, South Africa, we offer all your swimming pool needs. Whether it is to maintain your existing pool, renovate it, enhance it with a customized design or build a completely new pool, Cape Town Pools is at your service. Our exclusive landscaping designs produce premier pools with innovative ideas in mind and extreme attention to detail which guarantees a smile on your face every time you glance at your swimming pool.