Commercial Swimming Pools

Commercial Swimming Pools in Cape Town

When building a dream pool for your family, work with a commercial swimming pool contractor Cape Town who is networked with several other suppliers in the industry of pool and spa construction. The links will help bring together your pool building endeavour in a very cost effective, yet innovative manner.

An experienced and reputed provider of commercial swimming pools South Africa will assign a team of professionals who will be able to come up with a pool design either for large scale commercial use equipped with the latest enhancements or a simple residential pool with basic fittings. By hiring Cape Town Pools to do the needful for you, you have the added advantage of making use of our experienced support team for the design and installation of your swimming pool. With our wide range of pool accessories and equipment, we are proud to be your one stop shop for all your swimming pool construction needs. Furthermore, with our vast experience and networks, we have established great buying power and are able to provide commercial swimming pool building services at a reasonable cost to our clients.

What can you expect by choosing Cape Town Pools?

  • Several aquatic facility installation projects
  • Experience of working with both saline and fresh water systems for pool circulation in commercial as well as residential markets
  • Services provided begin from initial design to final set up and anything that comes in between
  • Our crew is highly qualified, well trained, and suitable for water applications
  • Extensive experience guarantees an unmatched level of efficiency and workmanship quality
  • Our support team is ever ready to answer any queries with regard to water problems, pH balance, sanitation, cleanliness, maintenance, repair and so on.
  • Your swimming pool is supported with a liability policy that has a range of operations covered

Maintenance Services

In addition to the construction of exquisite swimming pools, we also offer maintenance services such as cleaning, repairing and installation of equipment. As a pool owner, hiring a specialized commercial swimming pool company for the maintenance of your swimming pool is very beneficial. A combination or services are offered in the form of a monthly package that will suit your pool maintenance requirements.

Selecting reputed swimming pool contractors Cape Town is also important to ensure that you are given hygienic services in order to keep your pool clean. If pool maintenance is unhygienic, it will have an adverse affect on the health of pool users. Health is a priority, and therefore, no compromise should be made for maintaining good health. For better quality of water and other premier amenities of your swimming pool, commercial swimming pool builders Cape Town offer a range of packages for you to choose from.

Cape Town Pools are just a call away for all your pool maintenance services. With our variety of pool maintenance packages, we guarantee an exceptional service that is well worth your money.

Maintenance services offered

  • Regular conditioning of water
  • Detailed cleaning of pool filters and backwash units
  • Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of the inner surface of the pool
  • Testing water reaction at various chemical levels
  • Making sure the water is at safe readings by adding the required chemicals

By choosing Cape Town Pools to be your provider for swimming pool needs, you are assured of premier quality and an exclusive customer service.